Complete Baby


Combining 19 Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotic, Omega-3’s, and our proprietary blend of Super Green Whole Foods, Complete Baby gives your little one the nutrients they need to help achieve a healthy body and mind as they grow; all in a single, daily dose, squeezable liquid softgel.

Product Features

Product Features


Omega-3's are essential for the development of a newborn's eyes and brain. The baby gets some from mothers milk, but if she is deficient in it, so will the baby be; possibly causing its nervous system and immune system to never fully develop. DHA is derived from Omega-3 and makes up 15-20% of the cerebral cortex and 30-60% of the retina. So, it is absolutely necessary for normal development of the fetus and baby.  Omega-3s contain a powerhouse of nutrients to ensure that your baby will develop properly and reach its highest potential.  These nutrients help to maximize the intelligence of your child, and protect your baby from brain injuries such as autism, pervasive developmental delay, and ADHD.

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Bacteria helps breaks down food so we can digest it. But there are different types of bacteria in the intestines. Probiotics simply act as a regulator by increasing the healthy bacteria that promotes digestion and regularity, while keeping the bacteria that causes disease in check. Simply put, probiotics give the intestines the tools to be able to maintain gastrointestinal health. According to Harvard: Probiotics may help people with Crohn’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, and maintaining urogenital health.  Probiotic treatment that restores the balance of microflora may be helpful for such common female urogenital problems as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection.

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VVitamin B

Vitamin B plays a huge role in everything from the first week in utero until death.  It is necessary for brain development and function, motor skills, oxygen delivery, preventing pernicious anemia, and myelination of the nervous system. Basically, it is necessary for life.

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Product Label

Complete Baby Product Label

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Vitamin A1250 IU50%
Vitamin C62.5 mg155%
Vitamin D250 IU60%
Vitamin E7.5 IU75%
Thiamin2.5 mg360%
Riboflavin2.5 mg310%
Vitamin B32.5 mg30%
Vitamin B62.5 mg360%
Folic Acid100 mcg50%
Vitamin B126.25 mcg210%
Biotin125 mcg85%
Pantothenic Acid5 mg100%
Magensium12.5 mg6%
Zinc1.875 mg25%
Selenium8.75 mcgN/A
Copper.5 mg200%
Manganese.25 mgN/A
Chromium15 mcgN/A
Molybdenum18.75 mcgN/A
Omega-3/Probiotic/Whole Food Blend135 mgN/A
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What they're Saying

"Incredible product…and when profits help orphans… it’s a slam dunk to use Encompass Nutrients!"
Andy Lehman Vice President, Lifesong for Orphans
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.